Increasingly, it is essential for companies to stand out from their competitors and create brands that are recognized by consumers to create value and build customer loyalty. That is why they need their products to be easily recognizable by an image, a logo or a symbol that is easily identifiable and that tells everyone who the creator of the product is.

On the other hand, many brands are looking for unconventional media to implement their marketing campaigns where advertising will have a much greater impact on potential customers as it can appear in a more direct and surprising way.

Whether to include your brand in different supports such as street furniture or terrace elements, to brand your products or to give a special touch to your products to make you stand out from your competition, ABC Rotomolding gives you the possibility to customize any element and take your company’s branding one step further, in a simple and economical way.

Rotomolding offers many possibilities in terms of customization, such as the use of engravings in bas-relief or over-relief that will appear molded directly on the surface of the plastic, silk-screen printing, vinyl adhesion, the fastest and most economical way to customize a product, allowing the use of a wide variety of colors, shapes and patterns; or the use of in-mould adhesives, a type of adhesive that is placed inside the mold before rotomolding, being the most resistant, durable and difficult to remove option. Thus, at ABC Rotomolding we can include your company’s brand on any element that we manufacture, including any element of the range of products that we manufacture with our own mold and that we can adapt according to your needs.

Whether you already have a product with us or you are interested in creating a new surprising marketing campaign using unusual media, do not hesitate to contact us and our sales and technical team will inform you of the options that best suit your needs.