Do you want to manufacture your products with sustainable materials?

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The consumption of plastics has grown exponentially in recent decades,
This has resulted in the continuous increase of pollution and the change in the
climate. It is estimated that 8 million tons of garbage per year reach the
and oceans, and that, by 2040, the amount of plastic discarded will be three times the amount of
current quantity, reaching between 23 and 37 million tons of

For this reason, ABC Rotomolding wants to promote the use of sustainable plastics.
and raise consumer awareness that the current priority should be to protect the environment.
the planet and the environment. When dealing with sustainable materials, not only
not only do we reduce the amount of waste produced, but we also reduce the amount of waste produced.
consumption of raw materials such as oil, while reducing expenses

Sustainable plastics have mechanical properties similar to those of plastics manufactured at
from virgin material, so they are just as durable and resistant. In addition,
investment in molds will be the same, regardless of the type of plastic used.
you want to use to manufacture your parts.

Therefore, if you are manufacturing your products with plastics made of plastics made from
We recommend that you consider the option of producing your parts with virgin material.
sustainable materials. Our technical team will advise you on any questions you may have.
and will offer you the best alternative to your proposal. In this way we will collaborate
with the protection of the environment and we will reduce the consumption of plastics.

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