We work with our customers to manufacture a wide variety of products in plastic materials following their technical specifications and incorporating the latest technologies as the basis of our commitment to quality, the environment and above all: the entire satisfaction of our clients.

Rotomoulding, what is it?

Rotomoulding, also called rotational moulding, is a technique that allows the manufacture of parts of any geometry and size in plastic materials.

Starting from the polymer to be transformed in the form of micronized powder, it is introduced into the mould where the metal inserts, in-mould stickers or any other element embedded in the plastic part are placed.

Adaptability to the customer’s needs, diversity and versatility of plastic materials, efficiency and waste reduction, optimum volume-quality ratio during production, long service life… These are some of the benefits of ABC Rotomoldeo’s rotomoulding production!

Desde la idea al envío: fabricación a medida

ABC Rotomoldeo is the leading company in Spain in the production of customised parts and components. A part of our activity and resources are dedicated to the study, design, production and personalised quality control of our clients’ products, always standing out for the reliability of our technical proposals, the level of finishing and detail of our products and the quality of the service we offer..

Want to know how we do it?

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You can also call us at
(+34) 969 13 03 82

You can also call us at
(+34) 969 13 03 82



Since 2007 we have been designing and producing products in plastic materials for different sectors and manufacturers, offering integral solutions to our customers, where  quality, efficiency and care for the environment  are determining factors for their loyalty to us. 

We provide countless technical solutions such as fabrication in different thicknesses, a variety of thermoplastic and ecological materials, integration of inserts, threads and embedded metal fittings, more than 200 textures to choose from and an infinite number of available colours that  make rotational moulding technology an excellent option.


Write an email to Javier López or call him (+34 629 14 11 51)

Email Javier Lopez or call him (+34 629 14 11 51)