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In our constant effort to improve the quality of the products we manufacture, at ABC Rotomolding we look for the best ways to control our production processes and increase the quality of our products. That is why we have incorporated a thermal monitoring device to our production surveillance system which aims to control the heating and cooling cycle undergone by the parts during the rotational molding process so that we can know and control at any time and in real time the temperature ramps that characterize the malleability and the final properties of the plastic.

The ovens must reach a temperature of between 250ºC to 300ºC for the material, depending on its chemical nature, to reach the necessary rheological properties to adhere correctly to the mold surfaces. After the firing step, the molding process begins, in which the paddle rotates at 6 rpm on its two axes, trying to maintain the temperature in order to guarantee the homogeneity of the thickness, avoid the appearance of bubbles and reach all the surfaces. Likewise, the subsequent cooling ramp is of equal importance in the final properties since the shrinkage and surface finish depend on it, with controlled cooling ramps of 7.5ºC/min so that demolding can be carried out at a temperature of 60ºC.

The exhaustive control of thermal cycles is in addition to the controls already in place at ABC Rotomolding to assure the highest quality in all our productsThe quality guarantee is the reason why we are the main manufacturer of technical parts and components by rotomolding in our country.

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