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At ABC ROTOMOLDEO we prioritize quality in our processes and in our products above all else and that is why for years, we have implemented the Lean Manufacturing methodology with which we manage to detect, implement and consolidate improvements constantly and is one of the engines that makes us move forward and continue to progress as a company.

Thanks to Lean Manufacturing we have managed to improve the use of our resources, optimize time and implement a quality control process that has led us to incorporate additional improvements such as the possibility of offering the manufacture of products from recycled or ecological materials, incorporate new technologies for quality control, expand our production capabilities or increase the range of our own products that we manufacture.


After several years working according to the Lean methodology and thanks to the commitment of our team, we have been rewarded with the recognition of our efforts, being the first and so far the only company dedicated to Rotomolding in Spain that has been certified by AENOR in the “Application of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Methodology”. according to the international standard ISO 18404; being this certificate the witness and guarantee of ABC ROTOMOLDEO’s ambitious policy of staying one step ahead in terms of technology, quality and service.

But as this philosophy has taught us, this is not the end, it is a process of constant improvement and we know that we still have a lot of work to do to reach even higher and that we are still capable of offering a better service to our customers. This is why we have already set new objectives to remain at the forefront of the plastics industry, not only in Spain but also in Europe, and to continue to be the model to follow for the rest of the industrialists in our sector.

We want to continue moving towards a more sustainable and efficient future and hope to do so with the support of our customers.



Por un futuro mejor / For a better future / Pour un future meilleur / Für eine besserer Zukunft / Per un futuro meglior

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