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At ABC ROTOMOLDEO we are deeply concerned about the protection of the environment, the problem posed by the mismanagement of plastic waste and the problems derived from the dependence on petroleum products.

That is why, in addition to promoting responsible use campaigns and supporting other institutions such as those behind the #Noculpesalplastico initiative, we seek tangible solutions.

As part of this process of searching for solutions and alternatives, we have come up with a solution that allows us to replace up to 20% of the plastic we use in our products with raw materials of vegetable origin, respectful of forests and agriculture. It is a rejection of the rice agricultural industry, specifically the husk of the rice grain that is usually removed and burned to undergo a treatment that allows the use of these vegetable fibers in the composition of polyethylene, resulting in a material with physicochemical properties very similar to those of pure polyethylene, but eliminating up to 20% of the hydrocarbon.


The use of this type of sustainable material, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastics, is in addition to other measures we have already implemented, such as the use of 100% recycled material from waste, which we have called PURE RECYCLED, or the use of renewable energy sources in the factory.


We hope to contribute our grain of sand to the effort that many people and many companies are making to safeguard the future of the planet and from here we offer our help and support to anyone who wishes to develop their rotomolding projects so that we can help them integrate sustainable materials into their project.


Por un futuro mejor / For a better future / Pour un future meilleur / Für eine besserer Zukunft / Per un futuro meglior

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