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Playgrounds, those spaces that we find in all our cities and parks, have been part of the urban landscape and have been entertaining our children for decades. However, these playgrounds have evolved over the years, becoming safer and safer, different from each other and adapted to different ages. Steel structures have given way to structures made of wood and composite materials.The cement and gravel floors have been replaced by rubber and soft materials; the traditional slide and see-saw games have become fabulous structures that simulate castles, pirate ships and jungles… However, certain games have remained inaccessible to many children due to the very nature of the game, such as seesaws.. The seats that are usually installed in our swings consist of a board or a basket that serves as a seat for the child, but does not allow those who suffer from disabilities that prevent them from holding on to the chains, keeping their back upright or who are simply too small to do so safely, to enjoy swinging.

It is for them that ABC Rotomoldeo has designed a new model of swing seat, wide and ergonomic in which it is no longer necessary to be in a certain physical condition to enjoy swinging. The chair-shaped seat with backrest is designed to provide relaxed seating for children of all ages. It also has a harness with a safety lock that keeps the child securely fastened in the seat, preventing the child from moving around in the seat and freeing him/her from the need to hold on to the seat by him/herself.

This new model of inclusive seat brought to us by ABC Rotomolding is a major change in the approach to our playgrounds, since it opens the doors of fun to children of all physical conditions and brings us one step closer to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our society.

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