Our goal is to manufacture exactly the product that our customer needs.

Our beginnings

In 2007 a group of experts in plastic and composite materials processes wanted to expand our knowledge to provide more and better solutions to our regular customers. Among all the technologies, we are strongly committed to Rotational Molding, well known in Italy, Germany and the USA, but very little known in Spain.

Experts in Rotational Molding

At first it seems that it only serves to make hollow bodies, such as tanks and similar products, but fortunately there is no such limitation, on the contrary, every day we discover a new application, a new solution to an old problem or a new solution to a problem yet to come.

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ABC Rotomoldeo has implemented ISO 9001 and 14001 standards in its manufacturing and quality control processes since 2007.

ABC Rotomoldeo is developing an anchoring system for quick mold change of rotomolding molds.

ABC Rotomoldeo mejora la productividad y calidad de sus trabajo con la adquisición de nueva maquinaria de alta precisión y eficiencia

ABC Rotomoldeo incrementa la capacidad de su producción gracias a su apuesta por la tecnología e incorporación de nueva maquinaria