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Lean manufacturing consists of a series of guidelines, techniques and attitudes towards work and processes that seek to optimize the productive resources of a company, whether in the form of machinery, time, labor or materials. The objective of Lean Manufacturing or “Lean Manufacturing” as it is also known in many Spanish speaking countries, is to eliminate waste in the form of downtime, production capacity, inventory overruns, displacements or defects. In this way, through the application of the concepts contained in Lean Manufacturing, it is possible to optimize the available resources, improving quality, reducing time and reducing costs.

The main concepts pursued by Lean Manufacturing are:

  • Perfect quality the first time
    zero-defect search, detection and solution of problems at their source.
  • Minimization of waste: elimination of all non-value-added activities and safety nets, optimization of the use of scarce resources (capital, people and space).
  • Continuous improvement: cost reduction, quality improvement, productivity increase and information sharing.
  • Pull processes: products are pulled (in the sense of requested) by the end customer, not pushed by the end of production.
  • Flexibility: quickly produce different blends of a wide variety of products without sacrificing efficiency due to lower production volumes.

  • Building and maintaining
    of a long-term relationship with suppliers by making agreements to share risk, costs and information.


Rotomolding is a process that requires a high consumption of energy and raw materials, in addition to maintaining very manual procedures that require human labor for its execution. Therefore, the implementation of Lean Manufacturing in rotational molding is necessary in order to continue progressing and remain competitive with other technologies.

On the other hand, lrotational molding manufacturing times are slow compared to other molding techniques such as injection or blow molding. and is one of the disadvantages of this technology and one of the most relevant factors when planning a production series or determining the execution deadlines of a project. That is why it is so important to know how to use time properly and take advantage of every minute. Lean Manufacturing techniques therefore prove to be a very valuable tool as they help to optimize processes and times while imposing a culture of quality that extends to all parts of the production process.

ABC ROTOMOLDING has assumed and practices the LEAN MANUFACTURING The company has been working effectively almost since its inception and now seeks to extend best practices to the entire sector, with the aim of ensuring that rotomolding continues to grow in Spain and Europe and thus securing a prosperous future for the industry.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that this is the way in which we are able to maintain the philosophy of ABC ROTOMOLDING where the quality of our products and customer service take precedence over all other considerations.We strive every day to continue to improve in order to to remain the most reliable and secure solution in RotomoldingWe are gradually becoming a reference throughout Europe.

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