Manufacturing products in plastic materials: Why choose to use recycled plastics?

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There are a variety of advantages to manufacturing products using recycled materials versus manufacturing from virgin material. Below are some tips to understand how to industrialize products from recycled plastic.


Why use recycled materials?

The recycling of plastics consists of recovering and reusing the material of products in disuse or at the end of their useful life, trying not to alter their chemical structure in order to obtain products with physical and mechanical properties similar to those manufactured from virgin material.

  • Environmental interest

The main objective and interest in the use of recycled material is the common goal of protecting the environment. This objective is achieved by using recycled material because:

  • 1Tn of recycled plastic material saves 2 to 3 Tn ofCO2 in the manufacture of products using polymers.
  • The recovery and reuse of plastics reduces the volume of waste in landfills and avoids their incineration with the consequent release of large quantities ofCO2 and other toxic gases into the atmosphere.
  • It limits the depletion of the raw materials of origin and allows a better use of them.

  • Quality

Quality is one of the main requirements of more and more customers and in the case of ABC ROTOMOLDEO, it is one of our hallmarks:

  • At ABC ROTOMOLDEO we use material of known and traceable origin and we ensure the origin and purity of the recycled material we use to manufacture for our customers. Therefore, it is a material that offers physical-chemical properties almost identical to those of virgin material and we guarantee the same quality both in aesthetic finish and in durability and resistance as in the products we manufacture from virgin material.

  • Availability and economy

The materials used in Rotomolding are plastic polymers that are obtained as virgin material from petroleum refining and are therefore a product of the petrochemical industry. Therefore:

  • While virgin material is subject to the fluctuations of the oil and hydrocarbon market and suffers variations in availability and price, the used material market is much more stable and supply is more regular in terms of availability and price.
  • Recirculation: The use of recycled material allows us to recover and make responsible and sustainable use of our own waste. This helps us to reduce the volume of waste produced while allowing us to put a certain volume of used plastic back into circulation. This also contributes to guarantee the quality of the product manufactured with this material since we have accurate information about the nature, origin and number of previous uses of the material used.


  • The material used comes from a great diversity of pieces and colors, where most of them are pieces for industrial use, so dark colors predominate. For this reason, the manufacture of products from 100% recycled raw materials is currently restricted to the use of black, as it is the only color that is uniform.

  • Price: The cost of recovering, transporting, shredding, treating and putting the material back into circulation is sometimes slightly higher than the cost of the virgin raw material, so that sometimes the final cost of products made from recycled material may be somewhat higher.

More information about the use of recycled plastics in ABC ROTOMOLDING:


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