New logistics facilities and expansion of the technical team

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We would like to inform our customers and suppliers that we have expanded our logistics facilities and improved our shipping area, adding a second dock for loading and unloading operations to expedite receipts and shipments.

In this way, we seek to improve the service we offer, reducing waiting times for carriers.

In addition, the expansion of our logistics facilities also improves our storage capacity, allowing us to stockpile more raw materials, keep more orders in progress and provide our customers with greater flexibility in the shipment and collection of materials.

On the other hand, we would like to announce that we have incorporated a new expert engineer in continuous improvement and quality processes that reinforces our technical team and that will undoubtedly help us to continue progressing incorporating new improvements in Lean Manufacturing, process control and production improvement.



We invite our customers to contact us to learn more about the improvements incorporated into our production and the quality control procedures we follow. We want our customers to be part of the quality we achieve and we want to improve with them so that together we can continue to grow.

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