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At ABC Rotomolding we work tirelessly to improve the products and services we offer to our customers and we would like to announce that we are expanding our product range of our ROTOPLAY® Playground Components brand with a new product line that complements our current range: TUBULAR TOBOGANES.

Slides made of plastic materials such as polyethylene have many advantages over their counterparts made of metallic materials: greater safety of use, simplicity of installation, better response to extreme climates and better price. In addition, the use of recycled materials results in a sustainable solution that adds value to the spaces where they are installed.

The ROTOPLAY development team has designed a modular system that allows us to configure and manufacture any type of slide, whatever its height, length or route. For this purpose, we have modules of different shapes and lengths that can be freely combined. We also have a wide range of colors that we can combine to create unique games that harmonize with the theme of the rest of the game.

We also offer the possibility of manufacturing our modules in our range of eco-friendly materials, maintaining the quality and safety of the games but keeping the commitment that ABC ROTOMOLDEO and our customers have with the environment and society.

As usual, our technical and commercial team is at the disposal of our customers to help and advise them to configure their slide in the right way, so we invite you to contact us for more information and technical support.


ROTOPLAY: the best solution for your children’s play areas.


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