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At ABC ROTOMOLDEO we are leaders in Spain in the manufacture of parts and technical components in plastic materials using rotational molding technology. We work for very demanding sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, hospital sector, energy and defense, manufacturing more than 800 different part references. We have specialized for more than 10 years in manufacturing all types of parts for industry with a high degree of technical complexity, including items that only a few rotomolders are capable of making.

This is possible thanks to our team of engineers and technicians who study in detail each of the projects that our customers communicate to us and analyze each part in order to optimize its manufacture before launching the project and manufacturing the molds.

Within this process, our design team is in charge of studying the 3D models that our customers send us or that we generate internally from the information they provide us in order to study their manufacturability through rotational molding. In agreement with the customer, designs are modified to optimize them, seeking to improve quality, eliminate possible problems during the production phase and reduce costs.

As part of this process and seeking to improve the service we offer, we have acquired a 3D printer that allows us to produce prototypes of the parts we will manufacture, so that our customers can examine on physical models the product that we will later manufacture. This type of prototyping offers the advantage of being able to examine the geometry of any part to be manufactured in order to validate it prior to its manufacture, providing additional information.

Following this process, we can advise our customers properly, show them the problems or defects, modify designs and ultimately collaborate in the development phase to manufacture the most difficult parts that others are not able to do.

Finally, in those projects where this is necessary, our team is in charge of designing and modeling the molds that will be used to manufacture our customers’ parts, completing the product development process and providing clear, complete and specific information.

This process of development, revision, optimization and prototyping is what allows us to manufacture highly complex parts and components, all based on a collaborative relationship with our customers, which has made us the No. 1 company in technical solutions in rotational molding in Spain.

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