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To introduce design students to rotomolding technology. With this in mind, a conference was organized on January 12 at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid. A talk in which the director of ABC Rotomolding, Joaquín Laserna, had the opportunity to illustrate to the students of Product Design, about this advanced and avant-garde technology, also known as rotational molding.

The greater design possibilities, thanks to the modular molds offered by the rotational molding technique; the capacity to carry out large production runs; or the great variety of colors or textures available to the designer for all the parts or their different parts. These were some of the arguments Joaquín Laserna used to explain to the students the “art” of rotational molding.

To show some of these ideas, Joaquín Laserna was accompanied by the 3D book, a technology demonstrator that provides advice on inserts, distance between walls, or making a hinge, among many other functions.

The conference, which was attended by a large number of students, was included in the school’s regular schedule. It was undoubtedly a very good opportunity for these young designers to get to know a technology that can provide them with great solutions for the projects proposed by their clients in the future.


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