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The constant eagerness to progress and to offer the best service to our customers, which characterizes the company, has led to our next step, the incorporation of a new arm for our new rotomolding machine.

Therefore, we would like to announce that this arm is a square arm, which allows the manufacture of unique and complicated parts since the shape of the arm allows the mold to rotate in all directions, so the heat is distributed evenly throughout the mold and causes the material to be distributed easily. This advantage allows to expand the design options in terms of the geometry of the part, being able to generate shapes that with other types of arms would be very difficult to rotomold.

In addition, with this new arm we increase manufacturing capacities while optimizing the time and energy consumption of each rotational molding cycle, thus making better use of the heat from the ovens. Another step forward in our journey towards progress and improved service to our customers.

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